Six Seller Savers

1. Not Believing All Realtors are the Same
With all the intricate details and critical decisions to be made concerning your home sale, should you rely on anyone but a top producing professional? Many friends and family members have been estranged as a result of failing to meet expectations. Your home sale is a time consuming, effort related, difficult task. Maximize your profit by utilizing a professional.

2. Pricing Your Home Properly for the Current Market
One critical reason to locate the right professional is to make sure the
property is priced appropriately for a timely and profitable sale. The real estate market has subtle nuances. If the property is priced too high it will sit and develop an identity as a problem property, priced too low it could cost you considerable profits. Market changes should be re-evaluated by you and your agent every 10-14 days to help maximize your return.

3. Market Timing/Seasonal Selling
Just as a broker who continually follows the trends of a stock, your
professional agent follows trends of the home market. They will know when the market cycle is poised to net you the most money. Avoid believing that property sales are seasonal... property is always selling.

4. Providing Easy Access for Showings
Accessibility is a major key to profitability. Appointment-Only showings are the most restrictive, while a lock box is the least. However, there are certain considerations to take into account: your lifestyle, time frame for the desired sale and the relationship with your agent. The more accessible your home is, the better the odds of finding a person willing to pay your asking price. You may never know if the one that couldn't get a viewing was the one that got away. By developing a trusting relationship with your agent, he or she will show the home with your best interests in mind.

5. Make Profit Inducing Repairs
It always costs more money to sell your home in its present condition than to consider making repairs that increase the home's value. Even minor improvements often yield as much as three to five times the repair cost at the time of sale. Seemingly small repair jobs can have quite an impact. I will be able to point out the repairs that significantly increase the value of your home.

6. You Make a Difference
Be a part of the team! Take an active role with me to see what you can do to facilitate your sale. Networking with professional peers and personal friends often results in the sale of a home. Be sure to refer anyone that you think might have an interest in the sale of a home. Be sure to refer anyone that you think might have an interest to me. It's surprising how many homes are sold this way. Of course, you should never show your home to a stranger that has not been "pre-qualified" by an experienced real estate professional.

Comparative Market Analysis
I will provide a report of properties relevant to yours in size, location and conditions.   Knowledgeable interpretation of this information will determine the appropriate asking price for your property.

Preparing Your Home for Sale
Because of my extensive interior design background, I will advise you of simple ways to improve a buyer's perception of your home's value and desirability.   Often minor changes dramatically improve the assurance of your property selling for top dollar and before its competition.

Print, direct mail, presentation to the real estate brokerage community, Multiple Listing Service and Internet presence, special promotions and open houses.  I will provide you with a written plan and a service guarantee designed specifically to sell your property.  My methods for exposure to the marketplace are second to none.

I set the stage for a sale when I show your property.  Arriving before a potential buyer, I adjust details such as lighting, music, window coverings, etc. to best showcase your home.

Every sale is different, and guiding a sale through closing is a balancing act on a high wire.  Details like government regulations and paperwork are watched carefully by our staff transaction coordinator.  Obstacles like financing and appraisal problems are personal addresses.  I've walked the walk a few hundred times!

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